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self launch1041 viewstake the sand to pile up for a bit behind the leading edge, if you dig under the leading edge, you will leave a gap.
self launch1031 viewskite rolls step foward
self land no one around1008 viewsno that you no you are clear, you need to grab a center line
self launch983 viewskite is ready for launch, takes flight and you push out on bar, depower and control as you walk towards the water. i have found is better to walk towards the water with the kite at an angle. This is beter then at 12 or nuetral. lessons the chance to get lofted and with the kite to the side a bit if you let go of the bar, it goes down fast and no power
self land no one around968 viewsafter the hard tug on the center line closest to you the kite stays down
self launch962 viewspile sand up behind the leading edge. make sure the more wind the more sand. no sand gets in the kite, this is used to hold the kite in postion
self launch958 viewswalk back with the bar hard right[this is because you want the kite to relaunch left, always is oposite] until the kite moves
c3-0133 (Small).JPG
self launch931 viewskite faces into the wind, while you set up your lines
shark bite915 viewsSomeyhing took a nice bit of out this ray and jesse wasnt real into it
Da Conch Man899 viewsThe Conch Farm is the "only " place in the world where they farm rasie conch for food as well as replenish the local waters. This pic we learned about male conch parts to identify them, i have conch envy.
self launch895 viewskite facing into the wind, normal look for kite on beach.
self launch893 viewsback view of kite rolling as the rider steps foward
boat lift892 viewsno wind on the inside, no worries, we will take you out
self land no one around892 viewsthis bag is filled half way with sand, it wieghts about 60 lbs, and works for me up to 17 mph, once above that speed i found i needed more. remember, this is designed for the advanced rider, who comes in and know one is there to help them land.
surf boardsin off shore rule881 views
self land no one around866 viewskite will move up and down, i have even had it lift up and down off the ground.This is not a kite anchor which you leave you kite like this for a long time, you hook up and get to your kite, gust and other factors say the longer you take the more risk you have
self land no one around862 viewsi conect to the heavy strap on the kite bag so i know it wont tear out
self land no one around857 viewsit is better to put sand in before you go out, i have done it with the kite up on a day where everyone left, but was not as easy, so dont be lazy if you think you will need this.
off shore bows851 viewswho says you cant ride total off shore in some glass
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