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Come join us 6 miles away from civilization in kiteboarding (they call it kitesurfing in Europe) paradise. Imagine each day you see the island disappear as you enter flat, warm, shallow water that stretches for miles and miles.

Paul Menta

When you pull up by boat to the clear water, you can tell this is going to be an incredible day.Your guide sets all the gear up while you take it in. Riders or students get the full benifit of trained instructors, air ompressors on boat to fill kites and any water clothing you might need. The idea is your on and adventure and we make it hassle free.

Have someone with you who doesn't kite? There's plenty for them to do as well in Key West, they can go kayaking , paddleboarding or snorkleing. Our location has full acomodations [click here]for the whole family and a great pool to hang out by. There is something for everyone, so when you come back your friends and family will have enjoyed the day with other activities at our location.

Wrap up the day with the sunset, dinner and some great memories. You are now part of the tribe and it has its benfits. Aloha!

Kitehouse Key West Boat in the Flats

The Kitehouse—Key West
by Rick Iossi, Moderator of fksa.org


A great kiteboarding destination has just become even better... Key West.

THE KITEHOUSE has introduced an exciting new concept to kiteboarding... Riding the Island Flats.
WARM, knee deep water for launching and riding, deeper channels for popping jumps, RIDEABLE wind from all directions and no beaches to run into.
And, then there is the WIND…

Average and peak winds going way back for Sand Key that reflect conditions miles offshore and in the Flats, looking good! Remember winds are generally better offshore, away from land where winds are often lighter. Paul Menta of kste.net tells me that there are thermal winds at times in the Flats that are absent closer to the Keys. For air temperature info, click here and water temperature info, click here.

Key West is a scenic couple of hours drive south of Miami. The trip over the Overseas Highway and Seven Mile Bridge is a unique experience

Heading down the Overseas Highway


Or you could just fly in...

Today there is a great shoreside airport for turbo props and some jets.

An aerial view of the riding grounds with the mangrove cays of Lakes Passge on the horizon. The flats present an excellent learning environment for new riders. Steady winds, shallow water, no waves to slow progress, no beach to run into and instructors to follow along by boat or kayak as you learn this great sport. Without waves and beaches to avoid, learning progress can be phenominally fast.

Key West, Lakes Passage to the west and ALL those riding flats. Experienced riders will eat up all those butter conditions and throw down tricks out the wazoo as they rip through the flats. There are even some wave spots not too far away ... shhhh. Downwinders, we're talking about some EPIC downwinders among the mangrove cays of the Flats. Top off a singular sesh with some free diving for lobster and fish for dinner.

Here is a 360 degree view of one riding area off of Key West.

It's dawn in Key West, time to get up and get going there's a day of riding ahead.


The winds just turned on,
so let's hit it.




Let's take the 19 ft. Boston Whaler tender out to the houseboat moored on the way to the flats. Is your wife, kids or girlfriend tired of being left behind on the beach? No problem, bring 'em along to hang out on the water on the houseboat to enjoy the Flats and sun and watch you go off in all the great riding conditions.

You can just feel it's going to be a great day!



A short ride out and you are there.





Another write-up by Rick Iossi at fksa.org about The Kitehouse—Key West.


Booking a trip to the Kite House is an easy process:

  1. First, complete the INFORMATION REQUEST FORM. We will then contact you via email with info and prices for the location that you choose on the form and confirm that the dates that you have requested are available.
  2. When you are ready to book, use our ONLINE BOOKING CALENDAR to check for availability. We will collect a deposit to secure your booking and the rest is payable on arrival. We accept VISA or MASTERCARD. Final payment can be paid in cash or by card.
  3. You will then receive, via email, an invoice confirming your deposit and stating the amount remaining. Bring this with you on your first day. We will also send you directions to the pick up point for your first lesson and some general info about your destination. We just ask you to call us to check in the day before your lesson.

Check for Availability at Our Secure Online Booking Calendar

NOTE: If you state the wrong level of experience in your reservation, we reserve the right to charge you accordingly. For example, if you state that you are an intermediate or advanced rider and can stay up wind, but the instructor spends all day chasing you because you are unable to return to the same spot, the rate will be adjusting accordingly.

Check out the FAQ for more info on what to bring, etc.



Trips available October thru May


Wind Forecast
(forecasts 1 week ahead; hit refresh to replay)


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Check for Availability at Our Secure Online Booking Calendar



When you come to ride with the KITEHOUSE gang, your chances of scoring a session are high. Just see how many sessions we've scored!

Recent SessionAlert Activity
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Bring a friend to share a lesson with you. Check out your options at our reservations page...

THIS IS OUR BEGINNER COURSE – You have the choice of a 2-day Course: Includes 3 hours of instruction per day, use of all equipment, boat support, drink and snack plus the KiteHouse goodie bag OR a 5-day course: Includes 2 days of one to one instruction followed by 3 days of assisted riding and instruction, use of all equipment, boat support, drinks, snacks and goodie bag.

Beginners,Click to Enlarge
Lets face it, Key West is a great place to come and learn or ride. Most people will tell you that you need lessons by the hour or couple of hours. We have been teaching since 1999, thousands of students. You will need 8-9 hours to be up and going one direction and the other direction SAFE.

The word safe is the key word here. You need to build a confidence in kite flying skills as well, you need to develop muscle memory. That way you will react without as much thinking, and your skills will become subconscious. We teach in a friendly safe environment. What direction is the wind blowing in Key West? WHO CARES! Its an island we can go to any side and get the wind. We also train instructors for PASA so you know you are getting experience, plus we like to do things at night too. So if you want to use the latest gear, use a boat to get around, have fun and enjoy your vacation you can take our 2-day course or make it the whole week.

REMEMBER - never buy gear until after you have had a lesson, you will be wasting your money!

THIS IS OUR INTERMIDIATE COURSE* - You have the choice of 2-day OR 5-day course. Both include assisted riding and instruction, use of equipment, specific training for getting on the board, upwind drills, turning, independent kiting, boat support, drink & snack.

THIS IS OUR ADVANCED COURSE** - This classed is geared after Paul Menta the founder of The Kitehouse. Riders learn to jump, do flips, transitions, kiteloops, and any trick they would like to do. We set goals and progress you as you ride for the day.

RIDERS – We also invite any Riders to come out and ride using our equipment. This inlcudes drink & snack, but no instruction.

*Intermediate riders must know self rescue, upwind body drag and be able to ride in both directions.
**Advanced riders must be able to stay upwind in both directions.

Example of a 2-Day Class

  • Student understands the wind window and can demonstrate where neutral, landing zones, power zones, and key points off the window are. Understands too little and too much wind.
  • Student understands how to steer a kite and correct body movement and positions, and is able to show use the safety system before flying the kite. Can activate, and restore safety.
  • Correctly preformed pre-flight check for kite solo launch:, firm bladders, bridles untangled, flying lines untangled, bar is free from tangles and obstructions, safety system in good working order. Un-hooked launch.
  • Student can secure area is clear of people, objects and understands a good and safe launch area, and rules of the road.
  • Student can maintain the kite in neutral can land the kite assisted, and launch back to neutral slowly and controlled.
  • Can perform the following kite flying tasks: neutral, landing, self launch, fly right side power zone, left side power zone, fly hooked in (not on land), activate the safety system, land tack left, land tack right.
  • Student can simulate and perform a water re-launch of the kite on land or shallow water in 2 positions.
  • Student can use safety system and roll up lines while kite is disabled as if they landed the kite in the water and preformed a self-landing.

Water Class

  • Student can show self-rescue and assisted rescue.
  • Student can perform body drags in a series where they can only go left and then only go right. Can cup and twist to correct body position
  • Student can body drag up-wind hooked in on both sides. Can retrieve board by dragging for it.
  • Student can set up a 4-line kite and perform preflight check, not using the de power loop.
  • Student can simulate a water start in shallow water, in a sitting position.
  • Student understands how to take twists out of lines while in the water.
  • Student can put board on (no leash)
  • Student and instructor do assisted water start, and first movement on the board.
  • Student does solo water starts, and is able to stand up on the board.
  • Student stands up and is able to continue powering the kite with good body position.
  • Student and instructor have set goals and reviewed kite and boards sizes for where they will ride in the future.
  • Student has passed a test given by the instructor


You should book any necessary flights into Miami. You then have the choice of catching a connecting flight down to Key West (40 mins) or renting a car and driving (3-4 hours). Driving is the most economical way. We also have a shuttle from Miami for 75.00 that brings you directly to us.


Its always a good idea to bring a rash guard (if not, we sell them), water shoes (booties) and sunscreen.


We can kiteboard no matter which way the wind blows. Warm water, palm trees and water so clear you can see the bottom. All gear is included. Click on the image to the left for a map of the boat pick-up location and surrounding landmarks.



We use Cabrinha kites and we keep other demo kites in stock to try out.

We use Cabrinha boards and other custom brands made for us.

The Kite House belongs to the following associations. Click the logos for more information:


For hotel and guest house reservation help, visit Key West 123.


Waters - Shallow, warm waters with an average year round water temperature of 74 degrees. Winds - average 10 - 15mph and there are generally a couple of days a week with 20mph winds. Being an island means that whatever way the wind is blowing we have a suitable spot to kite.

Weather Forecast


Things to Do
Click here to download a printable sheet to take with you.

Trips & Excursions
We will take you to the back country, ship wrecked boats, white sand bars, and flat flat water. Great for a snorkel too.

Other Activities
snorkel, diving, kayak, eco tour, dolphin watch, sunset cruz, and more...

This is one of the best party spots anywhere. You won't believe your eyes. There are over 120 bars on a 4-mile long by 1-mile wide island. Every night's a party on the island, with lots of choices depending on your personal taste.


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