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Trips available May thru August

General Information

Kitesurfers around the world revere Puerto Rico as a haven. La Parguera is the secret spot you can only reach by boat, and the Kitehouse is the only tour that takes you there. No more than 8 kitesurfers are on the water so there’s no crowding. Plus, La Parguera is free of debris and obstructions, so all you can see for miles is water. Be prepared to kitesurf all day. Time on the water is the key to improve or practice. You won’t believe what you can do after riding 6 hours a day, everyday. The area also boasts one of Puerto Rico's bioluminescent bays, filled with microscopic organisms which emit light when agitated. A must do.

Puerto Rico Photos

Kitesurf Lessons
Beginners and intermediate kitesurfers will feel comfortable with our pro-level instructors and hands-on guidance. We provide all your equipment and will explain everything in as much detail as you need. Our goal is to get you up on the board having fun, with safety as a high priority. Whether you are an avid watersports enthusiast looking for a new pasttime or a closet thrillseeker looking for adventure, we'll teach you the skills you need to learn kiteboarding quickly and safely.

Pro Kitesurf Sessions
Pros and advanced-level amateurs will never want to leave the Kitehouse. After years of experience teaching and guiding kiteboarding around the world, we have selected only the best kitesurfing locations with the least crowds. On a good day, it seems like you could kite forever and never see another person. Crystal clear blue water and shady mangroves are a kitesurfer’s nirvana. Imagine your kite is pumped up, gear ready, all you do is go, need another kite size, its ready…

How to get there?

Your best bet is to fly into Mayaguez (airport code MAZ) and then we can pick you up, with less than an hour drive.

If you choose to come into San Juan, no problem...we have a few different options:
Try to catch a flight into San Juan on Sunday and get a group ride down.
A private taxi costs 150.00 for 1 person or 5 people, so the more people, the cheaper the transportation....you can go to the beach which is 3 minutes from the airport and get a kite session in and then come down with the group.

If you prefer your own transportation you can rent a car which is 150.00 for a week, and it’s a easy drive, all main highways. You won't need a car in La Parguera but if you want to explore the island a rental car is a good option.

You can also take the publico taxi service which takes extra time cause they can make quite a few stops, but it only costs $35.00.

NO matter what , we will do what it takes to get you to this great spot.

For those ready to hit the town come nightfall, we’ll take you around to the best clubs in town, introduce you to the locals and show you a hell of a good time. The Kitehouse tribe is one with the underground, so we are connected with all of the hottest nightlife.

Video Game Competitions
The Kitehouse is stocked with the latest Playstation, X-Box and Game Cube games for hours of video game comraderie and competition.

Movie Nights
The Kitehouse is loaded with DVDs, a great sound system and multiple big screen TVs. We’ll have gang movie nights or you can have movie night every night. Our staff takes video of everyone riding daily, and several nights a week we all sit down to watch the action. The instructors will be more than glad to give you pointers if you just ask them.

Each Kitehouse location has been chosen for its great wind conditions as well as its scenic and tourism appeal. That means there’s always a lot of local tour packages available and we’ll be happy to make arrangements before you get here. Or you can check out the tour brochures once you’re here and make decisions on the fly. For more details on specific tours, check out “destinations.”

Water Sports
Local beaches offer kayaking, parasailing, water cycling, jet skiing and a multitude of other activities for days when the wind is weak or when you want to try something different. Although non-windy days are infrequent, when they happen we are happy to take the boat out to the reef for some snorkeling or spear fishing. The desert mountains around La Parguera are great for mountain biking, and Puerto Rico is well known for its great surfing.

Any tourist destination worth its salt is packed with ethnic markets as well as duty-free shopping and we will make sure you get to see it all. We’ll also steer you clear of the traps and help you find the treasures.

Gourmet Meals
At the Kitehouse, we know how to take care of our guests. And that means great cooking. Lunches are casual, but dinners are legendary. Master chef and Kitehouse owner, Paul Menta, personally designs the menu based on your culinary preferences. Tell us what you like to eat and drink and we’ll stock up, or let us surprise you with indigenous delights.



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