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Stand up paddle surfing is an aspect of surfing that has seen a recent resurgence in the Hawaiian Islands. For those that are not familiar with the sport, it entails standing on a large longboard and propelling yourself with essentially a canoe paddle.

It is a sport practiced at one time by the beach boys of Waikiki with roots that likely trace back even further. Recently, it has been picked up by watermen as an alternative way to ride surf and as a means of staying in Dominican Republicshape. The level of surfing on stand up paddle boards has sky rocketed in the last few years with feats such as Archie Kalepa's crossing between Molokai and Oahu and Laird Hamilton's recent foray out at Jaws on a stand up paddle board.

The learning curve for stand up paddle surfing can be steep. It can be particularly difficult when you are learning in choppy surf.

Smaller waves has also meant an opportunity to

get out and do "down winders". This entails paddling down the coast with the prevailing trade winds. The strategy
Dominican Republic and the effort is similar to paddle boarding.

Here are other great links on the sport.

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