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At the Kitehouse, your good time is at the core of our business. Pretty much all of our guests make return visits or request information about our sister locations. Take a look at what our guests have to say.

Got a call from Paul Menta saying "Hey wanna join us in the Turks for a couple of days?" Five minutes later I was packed and on the web lookin at the forcast. Planned it perfect. Wind showed its face when we arrived and disapeared when we left. Couldn't ask for anything more. Great location, even better accomodations. The island has every thing you could ask for. Wind, waves?!, Women. Emaury Got some every night we were there. Talk about a pimp. Got to kite with some of the best riders n the sport. Clinton Bolton is machine. Always at the right spot. Blastin' out of the back of more waves than I could even describe. Damien Leroy, Back on the water after an injury, was just as mind blowing to watch. He must be the most injury prone person I know. Even with a bum ankle he was killin it. I found myself watching one of them drop into some monster sets and getting so caught up that I didn't realize I'm sittin over dry reef. It was just as visably stimulating to watch as it was to actually ride. Paul and the guys at The Kitehouse Really know there stuff. From Beginners to Pro, they are there for you. Whether it be a lost board (Lost mine 50+ times yet they were always there to throw me another) or a downed kite these guys are on it. If you want the best Kite experience ever leave it to the guys at the Kitehouse to make it happen. — Jesse Cors

I have to give it up to Paul Menta and the Kitehouse in the Turks and Cacaos, It was the most beautiful water and place, the wind was solid nine meter kiting. It is everything you could ask for in a vacation/kite trip.The kitehouse is all about making the people feal like life has no worries. I would go back in a heart beat. Where else can you go and get top notch food, hospitality and most of all the best kiteboarding spots in the world. Damien LeRoy

When I arrived at the Kitehouse, what hit me was the amount of kites laying on the grass. He is really well stocked. The logistics are really well studied to bring you to one of the best and safest spots to kite in the island. I went to Kitehouse not being able to ride upwind and I learned how to do that and more. Paul has two boats that will take you to a bay protected by the reef and mangrove islands. The boats are stuffed with everything needed to stay out all day. The place is really blessed by a consistent wind and if you don't have enough wind, there is plenty of other things to do. The town of La Parguera is very small and quiet, and that is a plus, so there is nobody kiting in sight other than the people staying with Paul, all the wind is yours. I saw people out there for 5-6 hours a day, not even stopping for lunch. Incredible flat water. This is a good concentrate of kiting and water activity in the hands of a real expert. — Francesco Cerrai

About 9:30 am everyone loads up the boat and heads down to the boat ramp in La Parguera. It is about 2 blocks away. In addition to the 20' gear boat Paul has an inflatable chase/rescue boat. Paul provides food and drinks for the day. I was there for 5 days of kiting. It blew 12m for 4 days and day at 7-9m with high gusts. The water is very flat behind the reef and extremely smooth behind the mangroves. You can jump very close down wind of the mangroves and get lift off the top. A totally cool experience. My kiting skills tripled while I was there. I had my best kiting day ever on the last day there on a Globerider Lift 11.5. My arms were burned out by the end of the 5th day from jumping so much. This is a great place. You'll make new friends and hang out in the Kitehouse. I had the best Kiteboarding trip with Paul and his crew. Thanks to Brian, Rondee, Charlie for all of the instruction and good times.
"windshredder", Kiteforum.com

The place had such reliable wind. The water is warm, shallow, clear , and calm. There are no crowds and large open riding areas. The Kitehouse has the top instructors and a chase boat at hand for safety. The newest equipment is provided for the guests. We are taking rider immersion here. Setup is easy, with Kitehouse staff helping you put things together. Typical water depths are a foot or less. It is definitely worth the trip. Wind, water, and sun. The staff provides a lot of local knowledge having been on and around the island for a long time. The have great knowledge of the weather, reefs, fish and island lore in general. The Kitehouse staff helps the riders setup and there are no hand pumps here. Just an air tank for easy kite inflation. Paul, a former gourmet chef with three restaurants, prepares two great dinners each week. — Rick Iossi, Moderator of fksa.org

Paul is one of the best tour guides you will find in Key West, and the day starts early if the wind is blowing. The wind is typically strongest early and late in the day, especially in winter. Depending on the wind direction and intensity, the kiteboarding is best either at Smather's beach on the south side or by boat on the north side of the island. Paul has a houseboat moored at his favorite spot in the flats, which is highly recommended. The water is shallow for miles, and the water stays flat no matter what the wind does. — Eddie Toy
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Just got back from Key West, and I have to say it was awesome. Riding the grass flats was one of the best sessions of my life. Beautiful flats that are waist deep for miles! Plus the wind was around 35 knots gusting too 44 knots on Sunday 2-18-07. I want to give big thanks to Paul and Nick from the Kitehouse. Easily two of the coolest guys I have meet in a long time. True Watermen in my opinion. Check out the pictures I have uploaded from our trip to the Keys. EpicKiteSurfing.com 2-23-07

Paul, I hope this gets to you. My name is Chris and I just got off the water after a great day of riding with Mike and Clarissa in Miami. This was my third session with the two, and I received consistently superior service and a product you would be proud of. Thanks to Mike’s direction and Clarissa’s demos I was comfortably riding in some pretty windy conditions and almost riding upwind. The equipment is great and the two of them really are superb. I have a little perspective too, as I have taken lessons from another company in Fort Lauderdale. Mike and Clarissa made it worth every penny. Thanks to the two of them… Thought you should know. Hope to check out the Keys someday soon. — Chris Countryman

We had a brilliant time. Mike, Clarissa and Jens were awesome, the location was superb and we will try our best to return. Thanks once again. — Piriyah and Will

I am trying to reach Paul to tell him how happy I was with my instruction. Mike and Clarissa are amazing people - fun and easy to be around. I am a teacher by profession and I really admire the way Mike teaches. He has alot of patience and insight. Safety came first. I could go on and on about them -They are friendly and kind, warm etc. Not to mention total professionals. I sensed they were looking out for me and not for a buck! I had a great experience. You have the best working for you! I look forward to being a part of the kite house! and going out with them again after I practice (a lot) up here in NY. Peace, — Rob

Paul and Nick, I just wanted to drop you guys a line to say thanks. I had a great time down there. Nick, you did an outstanding job setting me up with kites and gave
out some great pointers. Thanks again, — Jeff Rockett

Kiteboarding with AJ at the Kitehouse was an excellent experience. The Bahamas is a great place to learn to kiteboard with warm, shallow water, big sandy beaches and great instruction. The Bahamas is also a great place to hang out - great food and lots of sun. I highly recommend the experience. — Mark

AJ, I wanted to send you a note to let you know how much I enjoyed kiteboarding with you down in the Bahamas. The season is just about to begin up here in New York and I know the skills I learned down there are going to really pay off. Learning in the steady wind, hot temperatures, and warm and shallow waters of the Bahamas are ideal. I was just looking at the pictures you sent me and I can't wait to get back down there again. Kitehouse Bahamas did a great job to make it a smooth experience. From an easy pick up at my hotel to having a cold beer ready for us after we got off the water, great job. You and your staff were very friendly just like everyone we met in the Bahamas. We completely enjoyed our trip and will be back. Take care and have a great summer, see you when it gets cold again. — Scott Farrell, Buffalo, NY

AJ, First of all let me thank you again for teaching me a great new sport. For my first trip to the Bahamas and my first experience kitesurfing the Kitehouse Bahamas made it one to remember. The sport has so many aspects of different water sports wrapped into one, and the Bahamas was a fantastic place to learn and have my first ride. From the beautiful beaches, warm clear waters, and steady breezes, this place is the place to learn and enjoy. The Kitehouse Bahamas made the experience better with great knowledge and great instructions. Thanks AJ. — Blake Swearingen



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